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It’s been a very long time since I have posted anything new to this blog but I thought I’d start sharing my thoughts on things that are of interest and matter to me. Things like the environment, religion, healthcare and technology. This weekend just gone, I watched two excellent documentaries – An Inconvenient Truth by former Vice President of the USA, Al Gore  and Cowspiracy  a film by Kip Andersen & Keegan Kuhn. Both movies are compelling, fact-based and potentially life-changing.

An Inconvenient Truth won the Best Documentary Feature in 2006 and follows Al Gore showing the causes and effects of global warming.The aerial footage and pictures of the effects of global warming are shocking as are the facts. However, more shocking is that Gore, like many other environmental groups (including Greenpeace) have ignored the most significant factor in the environmental debate…animal agriculture. I first read about the relationship between the meat industry and the environment in 1987 in Diet For a New America by John Robbins and that had a profound effect on my life at the time. Cowspiracy is, to my knowledge, the first major film production to confront the issues of animal agriculture and expose the fact that some of the world’s leading environmental organisations have been complicit in completely misleading the public by ignoring or playing down the role animal agriculture has on the environment. Are we to believe that they really were not aware that…

  • 91{582a4cd6c5b6339d110be5919cb0de9cc71fedaf8429bffd51f3e2de8e47e79a} of the deforestation in the Amazon is caused by animal agriculture?
  • 51{582a4cd6c5b6339d110be5919cb0de9cc71fedaf8429bffd51f3e2de8e47e79a} of global greenhouse emissions are caused by animal agriculture?
  • 2500 gallons of water are needed to produce a pound of beef?
  • Animal agriculture is the leading cause of species extinction, ocean dead zones, water pollution and habitat destruction?

Cowspiracy is as compelling as any thriller and will make you aware of issues that humanity can no longer afford to ignore. The fact is that if we all don’t start to change the way we live, the very near future will be very bleak indeed. If you watch one film this year, watch ! Then make an informed choice about how you want to live and whether you want your life to be spent saving or destroying the future of the planet.


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