About Adam

Adam was born in 1962 in Sussex, England. In 1983, he graduated in Law from the University of Southampton and went on to qualify and work as a solicitor in Central London. However, he soon realised that a career in Law was not his calling.

Adam's physical and mental health was suffering and his life changed following chance meetings with two men who were both many years my senior: Fred Kurgan, at the time, 65-year-old recovering alcoholic who was backbacking around Europe and Dr Emile Just, a Czech medical doctor and naturopath.

Both men influenced Adam's life in profound ways and they were the inspiration for the Chinese character in 'the Secrets of Abundance' series. Adam decided to leave the Law, follow his passion, and pursue a career in alternative & complementary medicine.  

Early career

Adam retrained in Physical Therapy and built up a clinic in the evenings and weekends before eventually leaving the Law behind. 

He opened a private Sports Therapy clinic in North London and, soon after, added other modalities including Shiatsu, Reflexology and Iris Analysis.

At the same time, Adam became a monthly columnist for the Nursing Times and the Health Guardian, in which he reported and commented on the latest research relating to alternative and complementary therapies.


Adam's books have been published by Harper Collins, Little Brown & Headline. These include: The Flipside (translated and published in 17 languages) and the internationally best-selling series: The 10 Secrets of Abundant Health, Wealth, Love & Happiness which have been translated into over 30 languages.


Adam refers to himself as a 'spiritual atheist'. He believes in love and compassion and kindness to all sentient beings and respect for Nature and the environment.


Adam has a wide spectrum of interests. He has studied several martial arts and practices Tai Chi.  Hiking, kayaking, snow skiing, tennis and boating are just some of the physical activities he enjoys.

He is an avid reader and lover of cinema.  He is also a lifelong (and currently long-suffering) fan of Manchester United.

In his spare time, Adam is an animal rights advocate and campaigner, and a mentor for Challenge 22, a global initiative encouraging people to try a plant-based diet for 22 days. 


Adam follows a philosophical rather than a religious approach to life. In particular, the Greek schools of philosophy - Stoicism (living rationally and in accordance with Nature) and Epicureanism (focusing on friendship and community) - resonate in his life. Adam is also a student of Taoist teachings.

Adam lives on a widebeam houseboat in Hertfordshire, UK.


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