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  1. Thank you so much for this wonderful book!

    My boyfriend broke up with me and my world was completely broken down.. Ever since a friend gave me your book I started feeling better every single day!

    And whenever I feel down (there are still some days that I do want to fall back in sadness), I simply read some important secrets and it helps me through those moments.

    So thank you very much once again!

    Saludos from barcelona,

  2. Hi ADAM~~:)
    It is so nice and my big pleasure to have a chance to chat with you…
    I am kind of super like the book written by you named title as Four Secrets To Abundance of Life…
    Can I ask you something…
    Whatever written by you in the secret of love…
    Have you done it within your family?
    With your wife…?
    Sorry that if I cross the border by asking this question…
    I am just so amaze with the powers within the secret of love…I wonder is it really has anybody successfully accomplished or not…
    Thank you Adam:)
    Wish you happy always~;)

  3. Hi Huazai,
    Many thanks for your feedback. In answer to your question: I try…every day. Sometimes more successfully than others. Kind regards, Adam

  4. Hi Adam

    I just say to “Thank You”

    Reading this books
    series of “Abundant”.
    My life is changed
    and becomes to brilliant.

    Friends, who knows me
    long time and more.
    Asked me often:
    “What`s your secret?”

    My answer is simple
    and contains few words.
    “Say oftenly “Thank you”
    and life care to you.””

  5. Dear Adam,

    I just bought his book “Every cloud has a silver lining,” I’m reading, and have not stopped thinking about what the title says is really wonderful. We are so bitter, saddened by what we have lost that we do not realize the new opportunities that come.

    I forgot, I am a person of Chile, thank you very much

  6. Dear Adam,
    Thanks a lot for your wonderful books about main secrets of life.
    I think we have also several secrets for be happy- happy relationship with our relatives ,and growing -up our children in happyness.Hopefully ,we will know about it in your new books!

    With admire, Gulnora

  7. Hallo mr Jackson!whether your secrets are described in your books to use to achieve their goals?
    Mr.Jackson thank you for your books!!!

  8. Dear Adam,
    Thanx for ‘The Flipside’ which I keep reading in small pegs, enjoying the kick of each episode. I just realised by taking the SASQ Test that I am an average optimist….but inspite of many years of such optimism (I am 40 now) I somehow dont seem to jump to a higher orbit….just moving from one rut to the other ( everytime hoping that this is the next level, that things would change)but realising later that its back to square one…..what am I doing wrong…kindly advise

  9. Hi Adam,

    “The Flipside” has been a very interesting and an inspiring read.
    This has made me look at life in a much more positive way. I have infact, suggested my friends too, to read this book.


  10. Hi Sanjaye,
    Thanks for your message. Sorry about the delay in replying.
    You’re not doing anything wrong. We all go through ruts – the secret lies in asking the right questions, learning from each experience and, as Steve Jobs said in a lovely speech at Stanford, having faith & trusting that the dots will all connect in the future. You say that you’re back at square one, but if you learn something new from each experience, you can’t help but be further ahead.
    Keep on the Flipside and have faith that it’ll all come good at the right time.
    With sincere best wishes,

  11. Hi Adam!
    I’m from Kazakhstan. I want to say THANK YOU for your books. They made me stronger and they made me to do something. Several days ago I was totally disappointed in this life. But fortunately, my friend sent me ur book to read. Now I know what I have to do. Thank you, Adam.

  12. Dear Adam. I am from Germany and a big fan of your books. That is why I want to bring them alive. Find ten people who are willing to learn and pratice the secrets. Have a list at hand I can give it to people who need help. The stories of your books in real life so to speak. Would this be o. k. with you? All the best, Benjamin

  13. Dear Mr Jackson.
    i just read your book 10secrets offer abundant love at once within one day.
    its amazing how true many stories appeared in my life. and i realized what i did wrong.
    I want to thank you so much for giving me the opportunity of reading this book and of course that you wrote this book.

    here in germany (i’m from Erding / Bavaria) your book is affordable for everyone. thanks for this too.
    If you will have the possibility to visit Bavaria once you are very welcome and i would be Gladbach to meet you here and showing you the sights of our beautiful country.
    yours truly
    Nick Roland Wolf

  14. Hello…now i begin read yours books. I hope that they help me ..Thank you very much . Are you give personal advice???skype ore email?

  15. I wish to distribute few copies (say 50) of the above book amongst my relatives and acquaintances. Please therefore guide me to the source from where I may get the paperback version of the same.

    The Publisher is not responding to the above request. Can you please help me in this respect. I also wish to read your other books, may be 10 by now. Please guide me to the source.

  16. Me encanta sus obras, sobre todo Los 10 secretos de la Riqueza Abundante.
    Lo contactare, en el momento apropiado para hablar con usted. 🙂
    Que este bien usted y su familia, un fuerte abrazo, gracias por existir, un abrazo.
    – David

  17. Hi L.T.,
    So sorry about the delay in replying. When I moved my web site to a new server, some posts got missed and I have just got them back.
    The books are available in paperback in English and cane be despatched by post to India. I will check into this and get back to you.
    Kind regards,

  18. Hi, Thanks for your message. I am so pleased you are enjoying my books. Sorry, I don’t give personal one-to-one advice. I wish you well though.
    Kind regards,

  19. Hi MadDog,
    Thanks so much for your message. I moved my web site to a new server and we later found numerous comments including yours that had been missed. I just wanted to say a belated ‘thank you’.
    Best wishes,

  20. Dear Adam,

    I have read a lot of books and really wonderfull story,s,
    but you are a the “Champion” in Storytelling.

    The wisdom in your books are timeless. I am a comedian
    and also a business man. I have success and i am a real
    healthy and wealth man. I have the sales record in my
    industrie, but in my private life, i have a lot of difficults.
    I am also an expert of Emile Coue, (the founder of autosuggestion).
    When people have pain, after three minutes instruction, they are painless.
    Also i have helped a woman together with the great german Autosuggestions Master Klaus Dieter Ritter, that this woman can now her without hearing Aid after 32 years. Also after 3 minutes.

    But in my private life i’m a very great fool. I am “The Lord of the rings”. I am not Harry Potter, i have not won the Olympic Games. I was 3 times married . When i read your bookabout “The Ten secrets of abundant love!” I know and I feel every thing what you write is right. I feel deep in my heart “right is right! “right is right”.
    Sometimes i have tears in my eyes, the stories transformed me.

    1001 thanks, 1001 Kissen (i am not gay, I give it on your bald patch) and also 1001 free hugs. God bless you and your family, also your readers.


  21. Thanks so much for taking the time to connect and for your kind comments. I’m not gay either but will happily accept the virtual kiss on the head 😉

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