Roman Gladiators were NOT meat-eaters!

Meat and fish played no part in the diet of Roman Gladiators! They ate a plant-based diet made up largely of pulses, grains, vegetables and fruits.  This is confirmed not only from historical documents but also from chemical analysis of the gladiators’ skeletal remains. The gladiators were vegans!


Gladiators – plant-based diet:

Ten Secrets Hit Best Seller List in Korea

Delighted to receive news that the Ten Secrets of Abundance series has hit the best-seller list in Korea.
Thanks so much to ThinkBank Publishing and 강용구 for doing such a magnificent job in production and marketing. 정말 고맙습니다!













































The Game Changers

Looking forward to the release of The Game Changers later this year. Premiered at The Sundance Film Festival, the documentary feature film explodes the commonly accepted myth that eating meat is necessary to be an elite athlete and reveals that the optimum diet for health and fitness at any level is a plant-based diet.