Adam Jackson & his family

Adam Jackson & his family

Adam was born in 1962 in Sussex, England. He graduated with a degree in Law from the University of Southampton in 1983 and went on to qualify as a Solicitor and practise Law in London. However, after three years, Adam decided to leave the Law to pursue a career in natural health sciences.

In 1995 Adam became a monthly columnist for Nursing Times and the Health Guardian, reporting on the latest developments and research relating to alternative therapies and complementary medicines.

Adam came across the concept of The Flipside through his own ill-health. At eight years old he was diagnosed with Psoriasis and the condition became so severe that he was later hospitalized. However, Adam went on to develop and produce a successful non-steroid treatment for Psoriasis known as ‘M-Folia’ which is helping people all over the world.
Adam has written eight books including The Secrets of Abundant Health, Wealth, Love & Happiness which have been translated into twenty-seven languages.

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  1. Hi Nargiz, Thanks for your posts. I love Hertfordshire. I have a home just south of St Albans. It’s close enough to be able to get to London within 30 minutes, but full of open, green spaces and fantastic countryside.

  2. Dear Dr Lord, Thanks you for your message. These are the quotes in English:

    ‘My experiences as a doctor have left me with no doubt whatsoever that faith is one of the most important factors in healing. And I am not alone in this view. Professor Claude E. Forkner, former President of the New York Cancer Society once said: “Very often we do not know what it is that brings about the recovery of the patient. I am sure that often it is faith which is a most important factor” and Dr Elmer Hess, MD, wrote: “A physician who walks into a sickroom is not alone. He can only minister to the ailing person with the material tools of scientific medicine – his faith in God does the rest.”

    Kind regards,


  3. Hi iam reading your book “The Flipside” enjoy reading it everyday. Thanks it is an intoxicating elixir for belief


  4. Hello, Adam. It is nice to see your website, because I got hold of your book in Mongolian language 8 years ago. I read that book so many time that now i have to handle it with care otherwise it’s falling apart. I am a big fan of yours. I came in United States 6 years ago, and I was trying to read your book in English, but just cant get hold of it. I ordered one through, but it never came to me. Libraries here dont carry your book. There are only two libraries that carry it, but they are not in the Stae where I live. I realy wanted to own one in English, because I comprehend better if I read in Russian or English than Mongolian. It’s a long story to explain. But regardlesss, I wanted to thank you for the bottom of my heart for your book. It changed my life. Please if you could let me know how I could get a hold of your book in English. Sincerely, Otgo

  5. Hi Otgo,
    Thank you for your message. My agent is trying to find a suitable English language publisher for the Secrets series. The books were originally published by Harpercollins but after a few printings they dropped the books. My feeling is that the books were not promoted well in the UK or USA.

    The Secrets of Abundance books have been very successful in some countries (e.g. Spain, Italy, Germany and China) and have been reprinted over 80 times. In Italy the publishers built an entire catalogue (40 something titles) around The Secrets of Abundance series.

    I am hoping that English language editions will be relaunched soon. As soon as we know more, I’ll let you know. For now, I send you my best wishes and thanks again for your kind comments.


  6. Adam j Jackson,the fact that I’m writing to u is an absolute honour and happiness to me.I’ve had the pleasure and am so very fortunate to have read a few of your books!Really I am very thankful to have read them as they have opened my eyes and have learnt a lot from them.May you continue to be a blessing to others,may the great Lord keep and bless you abundantly!!

  7. Hi Adam…
    I’m reading in Spanish “Los diez secretos del amor abundante”.. It’s awesome!! Congratulations!!

  8. Hi Sandra,
    I’ve been a bit lapse attending to my blog the past few months. Thanks for your kind message. I’m so pleased you enjoyed my books. It’s much appreciated.
    Kind regards,

  9. Hi Nibras – thanks so much for your post. Hope you enjoy the second half as much as the first!
    Best regards,

  10. Hi Adam! I hope you are doing fine!

    Thanks for all the joy and inspiration that you have bring to all of us who have read your books. Hope you continue helping us to understand that our time is limited but our oportunities are enormous! Greetings from México!

  11. Hi, Adam
    Thank you so much for your book,the flipside. i bought it early this year and did read it. In April something very traumatizing happened to me in my last semester in the university. i was able to move on because of your inspiration. God bless you.
    Senan in Kenya

  12. Thanks so much for your message Senan. I’m so pleased you found The Flipside helpful.
    With sincere best wishes for your continued success,

  13. Hola Manuel!
    Thanks for your message & your generous comments. I trust all is well with you too & send you greetings from Spain (which is where I am at the moment)!
    With warm regards,

  14. Dear Mr. Adam J. Jackson,

    I write this email to you with a fragile hope. do not know you read it or not. and after reading your generous help or not?

    I admire your strong to overcome difficulties and achieve success. I also have psoriasis like you .In Vietnam,I figured out how to treat psoriasis that has no control over it. and it has affected the quality of my life and my work.With the online information I know you have research and produce drugs the M-Folia. I hope you can help and share their solutions with your experience .In Vietnam I do not know where I can buy your product .
    Thanks and wish all the best will come to you and your family.
    in Vietnam my cell phone: 0903 088 525
    My address. 131/16 Tran Hung Dao, Duc Trong district, Lam Dong province, Vietnam.


  15. Hola Adam,
    I’m a Spanish student in high school, my teacher of philosophy said that we have to read one book of a long list that he gave. Sincerely I chose your book “the ten secrets of abundant happiness” because when I saw it it looks easy to read, shot and with a big writing, hahahaha. Now, after read it i have to say that it’s one of the most interesting book i haver ever read.
    Thanks for writte this book

  16. Dear Mr Jackson,
    after reading your book “10 secrets of love” (in German) I was seriously fascinated. Immediately after finished reading I sent this book as a gift to my ex-girlfriend. Later on “10 secrets of luck” last year for her birthday (dec 20th). At Jürgen Höller’s Power days last year in Nuremberg I recommended to many people there.
    Today I received the books “10 secrets of love”, “…luck” and “…wealthiness” (sorry I don’t know the original english translation).
    Thank you very much for this books. They are fascinating, interesting, easy to read and understand.
    I will let you know how my life will have changed.
    Yours sincerely
    Nick Roland Wolf
    P.S. i was born 1963 🙂

  17. Thanks so much for your post, Nick. I am so pleased you enjoyed the books and look forward to hearing your experiences.
    With my very best wishes,

  18. Lydia,
    Thank you so much for your message. I am so pleased that you enjoyed the book. And, I like books with big writing too 😉

  19. Hola, me llamo Esther y soy de Perú. Escuche su audio libro de Los diez Secretos de la Riqueza abundante. Me encanta y siempre lo vuelvo a escuchar en verdad me nutre mucho y me inspira en salir adelante. Gracias por la cosas que escribe. Estube buscando por un tiempo su libro en la mayorias e las librerias aqui en LIma- Peru pero no encontre asi que por el momento no tengo pero no pierdo las esperanzas que lo encontrare. Gracias por sus palabras que transmite a la humanidad. Saludos.

  20. Dear Mr. Jackson
    It´s so a pleasure to have the oportunity to write you this letter, i knew about you thanks to a friend who had read your book and you became a inspiration for him, all can i say is “thank you so much” you have no idea of how important have been your advices to my friend, i must say that i never though that someone could touch his heart like you do with your book, it´s amazing the way you help people.
    We are in Ecuador, find your books here it´s not easy but internet has been very helpfull.
    I hope you read my message, i would like to tell my friend that i found your page and that you know about him, my friend’s name is Alberto, he is in rough moments in his life and sometimes he feels like he is alone, even when he knows that there’s people supporting him.
    I love him so much and i need to find the exact words so i can touch his heart like you do with your book.
    Thank you for all that you do, and for helping people all around the world.

    Best Regards


  21. how do you do! Mr Adam,
    l’m from UZBEKISTAN. I was read your “SECRETS THE RICH” This is very wonderful! I’m sorry, l do’nt know good the inglish language. Mirzohid from UZB (NAMANGAN CITY)

  22. Thanks for your message, Mirzohid. Sorry – I do not speak Uzbekistan.
    I am delighted you enjoyed the book and thank you for connecting.
    Kind regards, Adam

  23. Dear Carla,
    Please excuse the delay in replying. Thank you so much for your kind message. I am delighted that you enjoyed the book. I hope your friend, Alberto is doing well.
    With very best wishes,
    PS. If you could spare a few minutes to post your review on Amazon, that would be greatly appreciated.

  24. Hi Inger,
    Please accept my apologies for the delay in replying. I will answer your enquiry by email.
    Kind regards,

  25. Hola Esther,
    Gracias tanto para su mensaje. Estoy encantada de hecho que hayan disfrutado de las book.I audio disculpas por el retraso en la respuesta. El mensaje se perdió entre un montón de comentarios de spam.
    Un saludo muy cordial,
    PS. Si puede publicar sus comentarios en Amazon, hizo sería muy apreciada.

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