The Life Journal

The Life Journal

The Life Journal is a book for anyone seeking change. Whatever your circumstances, whatever challenges you may be facing, and whatever your dreams and aspirations, bringing about significant and lasting change requires nothing more than a notepad and pen. In this remarkable book, you’ll learn how – using nothing more than a notepad and pen – you can:

• Improve your memory by a factor of 7!
• Achieve significantly higher grade point averages at school and college!
• Boost performance and productivity at work by 20-30%!
• Alleviate pain by up to 47%!
• Achieve 2x more effective and sustained weight loss and
• Increase the likelihood of you reaching your life goals by 50%!

In addition, you’ll discover how and why keeping a life journal can completely transform your physical health and wellbeing.

Clinical studies have demonstrated that specific journal writing techniques can lead to significant health improvements including:• improved liver function
• a strengthened immune system
• reduced stress hormones
• reduced high blood pressure and
• improved lung function.

Many chronic, debilitating illnesses including asthma, alcohol and drug addiction, arthritis, cancer, eating disorders, HIV infection, cystic fibrosis, chronic pain, insomnia, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and post-operative healing, have all been shown to respond positively to the techniques outlined in The Life Journal. Patients who use these methods experience alleviated symptoms, faster recovery and significant improvements to their quality of life.

Drawing from the latest research, incorporating inspiring anecdotes and quotations, and containing a step-by-step practical guide with an easy-to-follow action plan, The Life Journal is both informative and uplifting. It contains a timely message inspiring and challenging readers to transform their lives and realise their dreams with nothing more than a notebook and pen.

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