The Ethos

The Ethos

The Ethos is a remarkable account of love, friendship and community, and a testament that the most exciting adventure of our lives is here and now.When Stanley Davis is made redundant at age 60, he faces a bleak and uncertain future. Recently widowed, Stanley finds himself alone on the eve of his sixtieth birthday, disillusioned with life, reflecting upon wasted years and unfulfilled dreams.

Following a random series of events, Stanley chances upon a community where people live by a unique ethos that has transformed their lives.

Meeting some of the characters that make up the community, listening to their stories, Stanley discovers the secrets behind the Ethos and learns why it holds the key to a brighter, happier future.If you’ve ever felt that life has passed you by, if you’ve given up on long-forgotten dreams, or resigned yourself to living out your remaining years in a bland and lonely wilderness,

The Ethos contains a profound and timeless message: whatever stage we find ourselves in life, there are opportunities for change, to pursue new dreams and to bring meaning and purpose to the rest of our days. The Ethos is a reminder that the adventure of life doesn’t have to be over just because you’ve reached a certain age - or a certain stage - in your life. Contrary to conventional wisdom, The Ethos reveals how the later years of life can be richer, more fulfilled, and more rewarding than any others.

"This book by Adam is based on a venue that I have twice visited. The book gives a true reflection of life there and the title 'The Ethos' is exactly what the venue is about."

Old World Traveller

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