The 10 Secrets of Abundant Health

The 10 Secrets of Abundant Health

This wonderful best-selling series of books has been translated into over 30 languages - The Ten Secrets of Abundant Health is an uplifting and inspirational book.

It is a timeless parable that follows the journey of a young man diagnosed with a chronic and incurable illness in his search for health and wellness.

A chance encounter with a mysterious old Chinese man leads the young man to ten special people who each have a secret to share. These secrets are based on the true and extraordinary stories of real people from all walks of life.

The Ten Secrets of Abundant Health is part of a series containing The Ten Secrets of Abundant Love, Abundant Wealth, and Abundant Happiness and all of them are based on compilations of true stories. Together and individually they contain unique and inspirational stories that have changed the lives of readers all over the world.

“'Adam Jackson created four incredible and inspiring books that are given by a Chinese man (fictional yet plucked from the universal consciousness) who steps into peoples lives to give profound teachings for us all to adhere to in life.'”

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