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  1. Dear Mr. Jackson,
    I have recently finished reading “The Ten Secrets of Abundant Love,” and would love to give out copies to all my friends, but as copies are out of print and expensive to buy, I am hoping that you will consider reprinting the series, perhaps with all four titles in one volume. As a result of “The Secret” and Law of Attraction interest worldwide, I feel this series would be a bestseller, perhaps through Barnes & Noble. Please let me know when you anticipate the English reprinting. I look forward to reading the other books in this series, as well as “The Flipside.” Thank you for your many positive contributions.

    Bruce Nash (USA)

  2. Dear Bruce,

    Thank you so much for your email and kind comments about my book. I am always delighted to hear from people who have read one of my
    books, especially when they send such wonderful compliments!

    We are currently still waiting to hear from US publishers but I am pleased to say that, in the meantime, The 10 Secrets of Abundant Love is
    going to be reprinted and available via my web site. The re-formatting should be finished by the end of this month and I am told that once the page layouts are
    approved, the books will be sent for printing and this will only take a week or two. So, if all goes according to plan, copies
    should be available early in August (although at this stage, as I mentioned, it will only be available by mail order until we have a new English language publisher).

    I will email you as soon as I have more news.

    With my very best wishes,


  3. Hi Adam,

    About 25 years ago, I picked up a book in a Glasgow bookshop and just had to buy it. What I read in it has affected my life down to this day.

    In “The Success System That Never Fails”, author W. Clement Stone introduced the idea to me that ” . . . in every adversity there is the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit ” and I have to say that that deep insight into a very profound truth struck a chord, or resonated, with me big time.

    It was a bit like my father endowing me, his young son, with a golden nugget of his wisdom. I sensed in that idea, it’s ability to personally empower for life. It got me thinking about questions like ‘what difference would it make to our lives if we walked around looking for opportunity in the face of adversity’ ? What if we were ‘schooled’ in the subject – the ability to spot opportunity in something negative ? What if our parents ‘drilled’ it deep into us as children and then we in turn drilled it into our own children so as to become the new family culture that would now cascade down through the generations ? How would the nurturing of the flipside in us show-up in happy, productive circumstances in our lives, AND in the lives of all those with whom we come in contact ? What if, somehow, the default or ‘auto-pilot’ setting for our own lives could be set to ‘prospecting for opportunity’ ? What if . . . ?

    There is no doubt about it; there is a growing community of people who are beginning to think this way. Something’s stirring. And your book, ‘The Flipside’ clinched it for me. It’s a bit like when you first get a glimpse of something new but it’s hard to pin down because it’s a bit abstract, even abstruse, and there isn’t even a vocabulary for it yet. But give it a ‘name’ and it suddenly becomes real somehow. Well, your book, ‘The Flipside’ is a bit like that. It has taken the hitherto relatively hazy concept of the flipside and made it that bit more tangible.

    Back in June this year, I traveled down to London on the train to attend a presentation given by Nick Williams, author of ‘Unconditional Success: Loving the Work We Were Born to Do’ and I took your new book ‘The Flipside: Finding the Hidden Opportunities in Life’ along to read on the journey.

    Perhaps you know this already, but Nick’s work is about helping people to find their authentic selves through doing the work they were born to do. Now, I can’t help thinking that there is some sort of connection between the concept of ‘The Flipside’ and Nick’s work. Perhaps it’s in the idea that finding ‘the flipside’ can prove to be a kind of doorway for people who want to ‘become themselves’ authentically. Perhaps you and Nick should get together. There could be a future collaboration that could come out of it and already it’s got me wondering what new territory it could lead into.

    Anyway, I liked your book, ‘The Flipside’ a lot. It seems it has been crying-out to be written for a long time. So, thank you for giving life to it. Who knows whose lives it will touch for the good in the future.

    Apart from the whole book being dedicated to the reminder that optimism is good for us generally, I loved the many concrete examples of people who found the flipside.

    There was Harland Sanders who at 65 years old faced financial ruin because the local Council built a bypass around the town where he had built up his service station and restaurant business thus ruining him, and if it never had happened he would never have had the need nor urgency to exploit his chicken recipe which led to the Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) phenomenon.

    Then there was little Ben Underwood. Ben had to lose his eyes in order to stay alive because he developed a rare eye cancer that would have ended his life if the action to remove his eyes hadn’t been taken. Inspired by his mother’s love and her determination to see the best for her son, Ben began to develop an ability to ‘see’ through what has come to be called ‘echolocation’ – an ability to form a picture in the mind of what is out there by sending out a clicking sound and listening to the echoes that come back ! In ‘The Flipside’, I particularly loved the way you introduced that story about Ben Underwood to us. It was inspiring to say the least and it is proof positive that there is a flipside.

    About six months ago I embarked on a new business venture that calls for finding the flipside and I wonder if you and your readers might be the ideal people to help me with finding it ?

    My deciding to become an estate agent AFTER there has been a sustained and unprecedented rally in house prices might seem to a lot of people to be a poor choice of a business sector to be getting into at this time of credit crunch and economic correction, but I sense that there is an opportunity in it somehow and I wonder if you could help me find out what it is. Would you help me with this ?

    I just need your thoughts or ideas. And just get in touch as and when something pops into your mind. It doesn’t matter how unlikely your idea might seem to you; it might be just what I need to hear !

    So, here’s a couple of links to my website and blog just to get the conversation going.

    I look forward to hearing from you all.

    Wishing you all the best, all the time.


  4. Dear Francis,

    Thank you so much for your post, and please accept my sincere apologies for the long delay in replying. I was away through August and part of September and have only just gone through the huge number of posts (most of which were spam).

    May I firstly thank you for your kind comments about my book. The concept of the Flipside is something I came back to time and again through my adult life and it has helped me through some difficult times. It is immensely gratifying, therefore, to hear back from readers like yourself, especially those who enjoyed the book or found the ideas within it useful in their own lives.

    I have taken a look at your web site and must congratulate you on your innovative and positive thinking. I am by no means a finance expert but I believe that the lower housing prices may, indeed, present a huge opportunity to anyone who has spare capital. And I agree with your premise that parents of children attending college or university could have a lot to gain, if they have sufficient equity in their own homes, by helping to finance a second property for their children. I remember, when I was at University, a friend’s parents financed a house for him and the rental income received covered all the expenses and meant that my friend lived ‘rent-free’ and had an accumulating asset. Instead of leaving university straddled with a huge debt, my friend left with a head start in the housing market.

    I wish you every success with your venture.

    Kind regards,


  5. Dear Jesus,

    Thank you for your post and kind comments about The Ten Secrets of Abundant Love. I’m afraid I can’t offer any relationship advice especially on a blog and to someone I have never met. I am sure that, deep down, you know the right thing to do.

    With very best wishes,


  6. My favorite writer!
    I remember when I read 10 secrets of abundant lov e for the 1st time, everytime i would walk in to Waterstones or Smiths I would tell sales people THATS A LIFE TRANSFERMING BOOK!

  7. I had a bad day. Then I believe that humankind is going to wrongplace pitiable people. But I read your blog and at the moment I agree that in future we will have good years by skilled people as you.

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